The School

Mission Harbor Private Christian School started with 6 students in 2003 and has served Initial, Primary and Secondary students, complete with English and Computer classes.  Our school is fully functional within the Board of Education and fully accredited.

Our students begin at 3 years old in pre-school and by the time they have moved on to Kindergarten, they know the alphabet forward and backward, can write to 100 and solve simple math problems, knows their phonics exceptionally well and can sound out many words. They all read in Kindergarten. All of our students are submitted to pop tests by the Board of Education at their will and always test in the 1% of students in Loreto. You can view an incredible video of the 4-year-old students going through their exercises.

Our students receive everything totally free, including their uniforms, books, supplies, outings, and a nutritious cooked meal for breakfast and lunch, prepared in a sanitary kitchen and overseen by Carla, our daughter-in-law, who is the Directora of the school.



NOTE: Sadly, we had to close the school for the 2012 classes due to lack of funding and the decision of the ministry to go in another direction. The halls of the school are strangely silent now, but echoes of past times bring assurances that our students received a good foundation to wherever their education takes them from here. Many thanks to those who helped make the school a reality for the 10 years it operated!