Team 02 Israeli 2013

When our first Israeli team disembarked and caught a plane home to Israel, while a second Israeli team landed in Columbia and made their way to the Chosen Vessel II and embarked upon the long trip back to Iquitos, they were met by the sight of this large 8′ Israeli flag waving a welcome to the group.

The flag of Israel
The flag of Israel

This trip to the border and back took a week to complete. Longer than usual as we had some difficulty with the prop and had to travel quite slowly.  We made several stops with this group and they visited the jungle people and did a lot of different interesting things there. This team really knew how to enjoy themselves and they were a joy to host.

Personally I learned so much about the 6-Day-War first hand from some of the incredible fighter pilots who flew the very missions that are now so famous, bringing about the winning of the war and gaining back precious land, including uniting all of Jerusalem!  We fellowshipped for hours, both learning and sharing, as we were able to give our testimony about why we are here doing the mission that we do!




It was a sad day when they left us and our boat felt so very empty when they were gone. The time went by entirely too quickly!


Our good friend, Eitan Bosch, who served as the team leader for this group, is always so very interesting to visit with, as he is literally all over the world with his exciting work!

Check out the Israeli National Anthem: Hatikva The Hope

The photos are wonderful!


 “I must work the works of Him that sent me while it is day; the night cometh when no  man can work.” John 9:4 KJV