Team 03 Joyce Van Ryn, RN March 31-April 5, 2013


The Team

The Team

Joyce Van Ryn, RN,  (holding the newspaper) brought a team of 26 on-fire, well-prepared people here to the Amazonia to minister to the pueblos of Huanana, Canada, Irlanda, Lida, Nueva Esperanza and Suni Caño.

Joyce has been bringing teams from Michigan for several years now and through her contacts at Ann Arbor’s St. Joseph Hospital, where she has been a supervisor for many years, has been instrumental in sending much needed medical equipment to AMM, for which we are very grateful.

#1 A

David leading worship


Arriving in their dugout canoes






When the  people arrived to the boat, they were seated in the large speedboat, registered by families and then David led them in worship and gave a message from the Bible.



Joyce greeting the people as they came aboard



April, RN









Doctora Ann



Dr. Charles Boyd


Peruvian Dr. Tony















Everywhere we went, there seemed to be a plague of foreign bodies in the children’s ears! The doctor spent much time retrieving those objects and cleaning out the ears in general.





The Peruvian dentist, Adrian, worked really hard giving as many people as possible good dental care, both extractions and fillings. The team this year was able to render 568 medical and dental attentions, relieving much sickness and pain.  Many antibiotics, pain meds and vitamins were given, along with anti-parasitic meds.





Praying for the people one family at a time










Each person received a one-on-one prayer station visit, where they received a one-on-one invitation to receive Christ as their personal Savior and saw the people respond to their love.

Many entered the Kingdom of God this week through the message of these dedicated people!

#12Many of these team members, who set aside a week of their lives in order to minister to the River People here in Perú, were families and their children witnessed the good work that was done in the name of Jashua our Messiah! I think it made a lasting impact on their young lives!


New Glasses





Many gifts for the people of the pueblos always accompany Joyce and this trip was no exception.
























Charles dispensing meds

Charles dispensing meds










Building project on this couple’s home putting in a floor










Another couple desperately needed the added protection from the winds and rains and this team built those walls!









They received gifts of new eye glasses, Bibles and other teaching material for the pastors, shoes, clothing, toys and food.
The food was a joint effort between the team and AMM.

Receiving their much needed and appreciated food!

Receiving their much needed and appreciated food!



As always, we were encouraged and blessed by this team that came and the great work that was done. We are also blessed by our home church, Free Chapel, Gainesville, GA, for their monthly support to keep us here on the rivers full-time in order to be a platform from which to work for the teams who come to build churches, drill wells, do medical and dental work and bring the good news about salvation to a hurting world!



Pueblos visited: 6
Families: 109
Medical and Dental:568
Food: 3 tons
Miles Naviated: 200
Hours Navigated: 30 



2013-03-11 18.24.18

“I must work the works of Him Who sent me while it is day; the night cometh when no man can work.” John 9:4 KJV