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Gene and Robin

Gene and Robin

We always enjoy it when our home church, Free Chapel, Gainesville, GA, sends us a team to help with the work here and this team was no exception! The team leaders were our friends, Gene and Robin Willis and we had others join them from Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, The Virgin Isles and Florida. An amazing team doing a great work for the Kingdom and God showed out!


Free Chapel, 1st Pres Haines City, FL, World Outreach Center, Murfreesboro, TN and others

Free Chapel, 1st Pres Haines City, FL, World Outreach Center, Murfreesboro, TN and others

Most of the team flew the new route from Miami or Orlando-Panama-Iquitos that is offered by Copa Airlines  and what nice flights they reported. It left those cities around 8 am and was in Iquitos at 2:30 pm that same day with just a plane change is Panama! That was quite a difference from the Miami-Lima-Iquitos route that requires an overnight stay in the Lima airport. Find out where they fly at


Sorting the gifts

Sorting the gifts




We spent Sunday sorting the gifts and bagging the beans and rice and fellowshipping and resting ….and laughing and playing games ….and laughing! …..and laughing! Such good medicine for the soul!

















Medical consult with a family.






Dr Tony

Dr Tony






We gave the people medical and dental attentions, gave all of them vitamins and an anti-parasite medication and whatever else they needed.


Dr. David Neill and assistant, that darling girl, Lori Fanning

Dr. David Neill and assistant, that darling girl, Lori Fanning: Dentistry rocks!












Many were given new glasses, a most important thing to be able to read or sew or do any close-up work. How heart warming to see the smiles when they can see!

Duane fitting for new glasses

Duane fitting for new glasses



Her new glasses!

Her new glasses!











Altar call Puerto Libre

Altar call Puerto Libre

We visited the village of Puerto Libre on the Amazon River and what a time we had! When I went onshore to greet the people, I knew they were open to receiving the gospel and after speaking with them and giving an altar call, the entire village came forward for salvation or rededication.


Prayer station

Melody and Kelly at the prayer station








Every family in this village received a bible, mosquito nets, machetes, toys, clothing and a family photo and last but not least, we washed their feet and gave them new sandals.

I explained to the people that we wash their feet because Jesus washed the feet of his disciples to show His love and servanthood and that we pray over them as we wash their feet, that their every need would be met, that their children would never touch drugs or alcohol and that they would always love and honor their parents and take care of them in old age, that their minds would be open to the understanding of the Word of God and that a blessing would reside over their lives.


Foot washing

Foot washing, shoes donated by First Pres Haines City







Duane, Kelly and Mark handing out mosquito nets and machetes

Duane, Kelly and Mark Ostlin handing out mosquito nets and machetes










Soraya Coffelt leading VBS. She is a Children's Minister at her home church

Soraya Coffelt leading a VBS session. She was a Children’s Minister at her home church


In the afternoon, VBS activities, led by Robin and Soraya, were well attended by young and old alike.

The team presented dramas, stories, crafts and coloring sheets…….and never underestimate the pleasure the villagers get from such a simple thing, as a coloring sheet, but you should see the elderly or a young man bartering for a crayon of a different color they need!











Cookies and drinks for VBS

Cookies and drinks for VBS





…and during the VBS, 12 more prayed to receive the Lord as Savior. There were 36 adults and the 17 children who prayed that prayer for a total of 53 new believers that day! Praise the Lord!


After the VBS,  we gave them large bags of food, comprised of beans, rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt, oatmeal, milk, bath soap, laundry soap and matches.  They left the riverbank very contented and thankful! We moved on to the village of Mira Flores that evening so we could begin work there early the next morning.

Lori, Susie, Gene and crew getting the food ready and bagged by families

Lori, Susie, Gene and crew getting the food ready and bagged by families








Getting the food from the boat to the top of the hill

Getting the food from the boat to the top of the hill













In Mira Flores we repeated what we did the day before and at the altar call, 9 people came for reconciliation and wept their way back into relationship with the Lord!

Altar call Miraflores

Altar call Miraflores





Also, the overseer of 10 local churches came over to Mira Flores to invite us to join them in baptizing some of their church members there, which the team was happy to be a part of. Fifteen people from nearby Manaus came over to join in the days activities.










Leaving the riverbank to to to their homes with their food

Leaving the riverbank to to to their homes with their food









The next day we worked in the village of Capironal, a village of around one hundred and also eighty-one people from San Antonio de Marupa came over and we treated both villages. Pastor David preached in the morning service and again, half the congregation came forward at the altar call with the children leading the way by being the first to respond! Things were happening in the Spirit on this trip that was just overwhelming!

Altar call Capironal

Altar call Capironal




We also arranged for the lady in the pink sweater to have surgery this next week











So sincere

So sincere














As I moved among the throng of people at the altar, I saw a little girl sandwiches between two adults, one in front and one behind her, and she could not have been over five years old. She was standing there with her little hands raised and her eyes closed, weeping and praying softly! I had to stoop down to be able to look up into her face, but what I saw was worth the trip! Shall I ever forget the glory written there? She never opened her eyes to see who was near her or what was going on.










And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them: and his disciples rebuked those that brought them.

14 But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. Mark 10:13-14 KJV


These are not always the normal responses, I can assure you, but something broke loose with the First Presbyterian Church, Florence, SC a couple of weeks ago and it started right back up with this team.

We found women of both villages who agreed to prepare some rice and beans that we gave them to go with the fish they had for their noon meal, which was enjoyed by all and after they had rested some,  the team began their afternoon VBS.


Diane Lavallee watching the ladies prepare the noon meal













Santa Sofia also showed up at Capironal, but we had to send them home because we could not handle more that day, so that night we moved on to their village and worked there the next day.

Before they showed up for the clinics, our team had the customary devotion time and that morning Diane, a nurse practitioner and pictured above, was having atrial fib and asked for prayer. When I laid my hand on her chest, I could feel her heart pounding with the arrhythmia and we all prayed. After a few minutes, we began to sing unto the Lord and she joined me in singing, ‘I Feel Jesus’ and when we got to the words, ‘Yes, my soul does burn within me’, she began to shake under the power of the Holy Ghost and I could feel her heart slow and begin to beat normally! God continually blessed us! The last time she had this, she spent several hours in the ER receiving treatment!

The villagers began to arrive and since they had lost nearly all their village in the devastating floods of last year and this spring, including their school and several houses, there was no place to set up a clinic on land, so we welcomed them into the large speedboat that travels with the Chosen Vessel, II. David came aboard the speedboat and had a service and preached a brief message and 12 children immediately responded to the salvation call!

After the people had seen the doctor,  got their glasses and medicines, they went into the dining room and received their gifts, shoes and food. They went away content and pleased with their visitation.

One of the last to be seen, José, because he arrived late, due to the fact that he had crawled to the clinic. His left leg was lame and his right leg was atrophied from disused. He could not stand, but we prayed for him and asked him if he wanted us to help him up to take some steps. He said he would. We got him up and he could not take steps, but we supported him and he began to take steps with his left foot, but couldn’t with his right. We encouraged him to try and he did and began taking steps with the lame foot, too. We did not see a full manifestation of his being able to walk, but we assured him we would not stop praying for his manifestation of healing! It was a wonderful day in the Lord!

José encouraged after praying for healing

José encouraged after praying for healing

Elmer carried him back up the hill, but he was joyful and had a new light in his eyes

Elmer carried him back up the hill, but he was joyful and had a new light in his eyes













The Chosen Vessel, ii, docked at Mission Harbor

The Chosen Vessel, ii, docked at Mission Harbor

After the villagers had left the boat around 9:30am, we began our 14 1/2-hour voyage upriver against the current to our homeport, arriving after midnight. We had a smooth trip home, as we were off the Amazon River before nighttime, with its dangerous currents and bountiful supply of floating, nearly submerged logs that are hard to see and tough on props.

The team was up early the next morning and we left the Chosen Vessel, II, at 8am, going to Tarapoto, which is situated a 15-minute speedboat ride from our campus down the Nanay River and a pleasant, 15-minute ride up a flooded plain.  During the dry season, which is nearly upon us, this area gets bone dry, or nearly so, which means a long canoe ride or a 45 minute to an hours walk into the village.

Enroute to Tarapoto

Enroute to Tarapoto

IMG_5790 IMG_5823 IMG_5899








As we arrived, the children ran down the hill to greet us, very happy that we had arrived. The tent was already set up and the people had registered. We started the meeting and then Nathan preached a very good sermon on The Kingdom of God, which was well received by us all and when the altar was opened, 10 people came weeping, desiring to be reconciled to Christ.

As good as that was, the best was yet to come! During the 3 prayer stations in the clinic setting, 55 genuine prayers were prayed by the people to receive Jeshua as Lord! We never pressure people to accept the Lord, as evidenced by these 55 had never done so and we have been going into this village for the past 12 or more years! Praise the Lord!

A 9-year-old girl had broken the head of her femur 15 days before we arrived and had not had any medical attention and as a consequence, one leg was 4″ shorter and she looked deformed and was in pain. Unimaginable in this day and time. Our doctor called the health post in another village a good distance away and they said to send her to them and they would send her on to the hospital in Iquitos. The team leaders gave the parents $40.00/USD to pay for her transportation. They said they would leave that day.

(UPDATE) Nurse Charles went to Tarapoto today, August 13, 2013 and got a progress report and pic of Lita. She was walking nearly normally and just got out of the cast day before yesterday! Yeah!)

Lita from Tarapoto after treatment

Lita from Tarapoto after treatment







Every time this team got together, we had just the best talks about what the Lord had done for us this week and how impressed we were with how this team, who didn’t know each other until they met in route to the Amazonia, just flowed together as one body, doing one work for the Kingdom, in unity and the joy of the Lord! The Lord our God is One!

Much joy was experienced this week, no matter what else was going on, we had joy. Seeing the Lord show Himself strong in behalf of the people here and on our behalf, too, was an amazing thing! All of our personalities just merged together and we just sat back and enjoyed it while our Destinies ran together for this one week here in Perú, to God be the Glory! We can’t write our life stories without each other now! The excellency of brotherly love!

This team permitted me to pronounce the Numbers 6:24-26 blessing over them and pray for their safe return home to their loved ones. They left us better people for them having been here this week!

Nu. 6:24-26 (KJV)

24 The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:

25 The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:

26 The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace

We thank all of our 15 staff members for their hard work this week and ask the Lord to bless them and keep them!

We thank our home church, Free Chapel, Gainesville, GA, and Kingdom Connection for their monthly support and for sending this team of Gene and Robin Willis, Steve Keller and daughter, Rebekah and Soraya Coffelt, Nathan Biegenzahn and Diane Levallee came after hearing about Amazon Medical Missions through Free Chapel’s TV broadcast, Kingdom Connection, and a couple learned about us on Free Chapel website.  Thanks so much, too, for buying the food that was given out this week, along with what AMM supplied.  Hungry people sat down to good food this week because you cared! May the favor of the Lord rest upon all those we visited and upon the team, us, our workers and our supporters!

Thanks to First Presbyterian Church Haines City, FL for sending money for mosquito nets, shoes and machetes and for sending the glasses and especially for sending Duane Nayrocker and Mark and Kelly Ostlin! You’re the best!

Thanks to World Outreach Center and pastor Alan Jackson for the involvement their church has had over the years. Lori Fanning, Sue Jenkins, Melody Johnson, Shelby and Vickie Peck either came from the church or from knowing members who have been here.  Also, a group of ladies from WOC made baby dolls for the kids here! Thanks so much, fair ladies, and God bless you all! Jesus never forgets!

Dolls made by the ladies of World Outreach Center, Murfreesboro, TN in memory of the beloved Dr. Bob Hackman

Dolls made by the ladies of World Outreach Center, Murfreesboro, TN in memory of our beloved Dr. Bob Hackman


Trip Summary:

Families touched: 202

Villages visited: 7

Medical and Dental attentions: 635

Salvations: 210

Reconciliations: 9

Food: 2 tons

Hours Navigated: 26 1/2

Miles Navigated: 170



Till The Land by The Hinsons

I used to think we had all the time we need, just to plow the field and plant the seed

But, now I realize, the darkening skies say night is stealing on

And while we wait, its growing late and day is gone.


Say not, ‘Tomorrow I’ll hold to the plow’, there’s no time to borrow, its summer now!

The helpless millions reach out for Mercy’s Hand and God’s still searching for someone to till the land.

So many die never knowing why our Lord came

They’re like fallen grain and you and I are to blame

But in His nail-scarred hand there’s a deed to a land of abundant yield

And He seeks for you to join the few and work the field

Say not, ‘Tommorrow I’ll hold to the plow’, there’s no time to borrow, its summer now!

The helpless millions reach out for Mercy’s Hand and God’s still searching for someone to till the land!