Team 09 Hearts Afire! 2012

June 10-15, 2012

Dr. Joe Pecoraro brought a team of 18 excited people from FL, TX, TN, WA, and OR through Hearts Afire Ministry, Bradenton, FL, to build a church in the pueblo of Santa Ana on the Tahuayo River.

When we arrived in the pueblo, our foreman, David, had the basic skeletal structure up, as he had been there working on it for over a week.  The team pitched in and did a wonderful work getting the rest of the church done, including benches, pulpit, door and the window shutters in during the next three days!

The church, Reyno De Dios, (Kingdom Of God) was founded by Pastor Hildebrando Ipushimo Mozombite and wife, Socorro, and their 6 children when they moved to Santa Ana in 1999.  Pastor Hildebrando has a good reputation in not only this pueblo, but in others on this river for his missionary endeavors and has been a pastor in other pueblos for the past 30 years.  The church has around 30 faithful members and now they have a brand new house of worship. We pray every blessing on this couple and their family and congregation and pray that they prosper and lead many into the Kingdom of God.

Dr. Joe checking out the little one

Monday and Tuesday Dr. Joe and helpers visited the people in their homes and treated them medically while construction work was going on in the church. Dr. Joe and team prayed for the many needs as expressed by each family and left them much encouraged in the Lord.


The children were in school during the mornings, so the home visits were great to see how the people live and to visit with the parents. The children then came to the Bible School programs each afternoon and happily partook of all of the many activities that the team had prepared for them.  Julie taught the kids American sign language and they were able to present that to their parents during the church dedication, much to their enjoyment. Our Peruvian crew held services each evening in the church, even though it wasn’t finished.

Thursday we provided enough food from our home church, Free Chapel, for the ladies of the church to prepare a noon meal for all 285 people living in the pueblo to inaugurate the new church.

Feeding the pueblo

It was a joyful time and the team got to serve a most welcomed meal to the pueblo.  They also gave each family a bright, new mosquito net and a machete and the pastor also received a new Bible. Much, much love was shown to the people of this pueblo and it did not leave them untouched! Himself sees it all and Jesus never forgets!

This team was focused on soul winning and 5 new souls came to Christ this week and I’m sure some were reconciled to Him because of the presence of the Lord in there this week. To God be the Glory!

“When we saw the amount of food prepared and the line of villagers to be fed, we were sure there would not be enough and besides the people in line, some were asking for multiple portions to take home to their family members who did not come to the meal. There were 285 people to be fed, but the fishes and loaves happened again at Santa Ana this week with everyone fed and about 20 pounds of rice left over! Walking up the stairs into the church that was packed with worshippers brought tears to my eyes. It was very moving to see the church we built in 3 days being used for worship by a wonderful community.” Art Konnerth

Serving with Love

Waiting in line for their food

The kids enjoying their meal












“After 5 trips with AMM, the highlight has always been the professionalism and loving kindness displayed and given to the people of the Amazon River pueblos. Every year I have become attached to one or more of the children , who then shadow me and are right there everywhere I go. I become as proud of them as a parent.”  Captain Sparky

“Through Jesus, the people of Santa Ana have humbled me and brought me closer to God!”  Jamie Kisgen

Great Workers!

“I am thankful to Jesus for several things. Being here with my son, Jonathan, and watching how he embraced the time here and being part of impacting a village with God’s love, knowing we made a difference in an entire community with Jesus Christ’s help. Thank You, Jesus, for allowing me to serve You.” Pastor Mark Alt

“Wow, Mike! Being a part of bringing a piece of God’s Kingdom to fruition in Perú is hard to describe. Amazing just does not say enough.” Joe Fiske

“In four days a church was built and dedicated, every home in the village received medical care through house calls, given anti-parasite medicine, vitamins and what other meds they needed, the entire village was fed; relationships were made. Add to that Children’s Ministry, washing the people’s feet and giving them new sandals, providing toys, machetes and mosquito nets for every family in town! What more could we ask?” Dr. Joe Pecoraro, MD FACS, Co-Founder, Hearts Afire Ministries

Thanks to Free Chapel, Hearts Afire and Dr. Joe and the team for making this week a great time in the Lord and for helping to establish the Kingdom of God more fully in that pueblo!

The gals were troopers going over such obstacles

Church Dedication

Finished Church # 70

Dr Joe and all the kiddos “I must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day; the night cometh when no man can work.” John 9:4