Team 08 First Pres Florence, SC 2012

Pastor Barry and Susan

June 3-8, 2012

Our dear friends, Dr. Barry Jenkins and wife, Susan, brought a delightful team of old and new friends to help with the work this week here in the recent flood zone.  As soon as everyone was settled in their cabins, we left our home port with high expectations for the week of ministry.


We came to the pueblo of San Antonio de Marupa and it was so muddy even the villagers were having a difficult time navigating and we couldn’t work there, so the team went into the pueblo for their jungle hike.  The people were taken to the next pueblo where there was higher ground and less mud and we could work.   We had a meeting of the two pueblos and then began our clinic.


The people were surprisingly healthy, considering what they have been through. Everyone received anti-parasite medicine and all but one pueblo also received vitamins, along with the other meds they needed. When they were finished receiving their medications and gifts, we took the ones without a boat home again in the speedboats, a very contented group. Best of all, Bro. Neilo was reconciled to Christ!

After lunch, we saw 16 families in Capironal on the Amazon River.  The team washed the people’s feet and gave them new sandals, mosquito nets, sewing and fishing kits, soccer balls and footballs, along with several hundred pounds of food.

Foot Washings by Jeremy and David

Ann-Rogers making a salvation necklace

After the clinic was over, some played with the kids with their new toys.



Pastor Barry and the men’s meeting

Pas. Barry and the men on his team met with the men of the pueblo while Susan and the other women met with the women of the pueblo for a very strong time of fellowship and bible study.

David-With all the expensive gadgets from Bass Pro Shop, they liked the .69 cent fish stringers best!

There was a church in Capironal and a pastor, but the church was completely falling down. After being with these people all day, the upshot was Mike decided that we would build a church here in a few weeks, when a building team is scheduled to be here for that purpose. We didn’t know where we would be building it, but that day settled the question.

Tuesday we worked in the pueblo of Santa Sofia where we repeated the same itinerary as Monday.  There was a precious flow of the Holy Spirit in the morning service, where Pastor preached and told the story of the gospel to the people using the large picture cards. One man came forward for prayer for salvation and there were seven who came for reconciliation and other needs.

We ended our time with them by giving out food to a grateful pueblo and then helping them carry the food to their homes and seeing where and how they live.   In the afternoon, en route to where we would work Wednesday, the team went to the very small pueblo of Jose Carlos Mariategui, which just had 21 people, to give them a bible story, play with the kids and give them food and gifts.

Wednesday saw the team in Yonomono Zone I (Which means Black Monkey in Yagua).  The people had been flooded for months and had no crops in the ground.  The team did all of the presentations of the gospel in various forms and one lady, Susanna accepted Christ in the prayer station.

Much love was shown by this team

We finished out the time with them by giving them food and gifts.   Then the team visited Las Palmaras just to interact with the native tribal folk there for an interesting visit.

Thursday we took the team to the small pueblo of Nuevo San Juan, where there were about 80 people we attended and we were able to leave them with a triple portion of food supplies. We needed one more mosquito net to have enough for every family and someone on the team had one and donated it so there was exactly enough for each family.   There was a sweet spirit there and they were very grateful for our visit, yet were resistant to the Gospel. Pastor Jenkins gave a stirring presentation of just how much God loves us and if I had not been a believer, I would have had to respond and accept Jesus then and there, but nobody responded.

Susie and Anders

After that message, I told them, All of you believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God, right?  They all shook their heads in the affirmative and verbally said, Yes.  Then I asked them how many had ever asked Jesus into their heart as their Savior and asked him to forgive their sins. Not one person raised their hand.   There was a hardness of heart there that the Word of God had not yet penetrated.

Altar call

One of our ladies had gone forward during the altar call to reaffirm her faith in Christ as her Savior and when the pastor told the people why she was up there and again invited them to accept Christ, several people from the pueblo came forward for reconciliation. Seems some had been born again, but were backslidden and cold of heart.

We left them with seven reconciled believers in that pueblo, to God be the Glory, and one of our own started out with a clean page of life on which to write her story!

The team then went to Nuevo Triumpho to spread the good news of Jesus to them and they were well received.  Seven people came forward at the altar call for recommitment to Christ and then a family of four were saved in the prayer station.   It was a wonderful experience for this team.  We had no mosquito nets left, but they were the recipients of a double portion of food.

Susan telling the story of salvation

Everyone on this team worked so very hard. They wanted to serve in any way they could and I know they have been a true blessing to the River People in the midst of their hard lives, and that this week will be remembered as,  “… the week the big boat came and the gringos gave us food, washed our feet, and gave us sandals and mosquito nets, told us the story of how God loves us and… brought us Jesus!”

Gayden telling a bible story

We arrived safely back in our homeport in Nina Rumi around 2:30 Friday morning and the team got up early preparing for their journey back home.  They toured the campus and then said sad farewells!   This was a wonderful team who did a wonderful work and we are grateful for such friends as the Lord sees fit to unite our heart with theirs. None of us will soon forget their visit!There were several people on this team who have been called to the mission field and they certainly were getting a taste of mission work this week! Yes, the people will remember this visitation of the Lord, just like Jesus will!  He never forgets.  I say it every week, because it is true!

Afterglow……….After the flurry of activity of 20 energetic souls, who until a few hours ago, were fervently working God’s plan and feeling the power that was working within themselves to bring souls into the Kingdom of God, the boat is strangely quiet now, except for the workers cleaning the guest rooms and readying the boat for the next team.  Yet, the lovely sights and sounds of these past five days, and of the people with whom we shared them, flashes through my memory, remembering their smiling or sometimes tearful faces, their laughter and their spirit and I know that with our time together we all have been touched with just a little bit of Heaven on Earth!







Miles Navigated: 130

Team Members: 20

Pueblos Visited: 7

People Attended: 544

Families Ministered To: 170

Food Disbursed: 3.2 Tons

Salvations: 6

Reconciliations: 23

Susie Dempsey Nina Rumi, Perú

Pastor Barry loving on the children!