Team 05 Again Taking Food To The Flood Zones 2012

Well, another great trip to take food and encouragement to struggling, hungry people is over and we are again about 4 hours out of our homeport in Nina Rumi.  Everyone but our crew and us have disembarked and it feels strangely lonely. This trip began last Sunday and we picked up the doctor, dentist, Pastor Caleb and 8 of his on-fire Tigers in Iquitos, where we loaded the 3 1/2 tons of food.

  We found the people on the Maniti, Napo and Amazon Rivers still flooded and still out in their canoes searching for food.  The water was higher than it was on our last trip .
Some could only float their canoes inside their houses and throw a small pad down in the canoe for sleeping at night.  They had put extra boards in a corner of their canoe, put their wood down on the boards and cooked right there in the bottom of their canoe! This is the canoe below that the whole family slept and in. Should we ever complain again when we have to fix a meal at our house?↓


  ←Some have moved to higher ground for shelter in temporary huts with no sides or protection from animals or insects. Snakes continue to be a problem and one pastor, who had been snake-bitten and had required surgery on his eye, still needed special medication, which we were able to help him buy.



We also had one lady with severe pneumonia, who was in a lot of pain and we gave her an IV and IV meds and her husband was taking her to Iquitos for further, more long term care.

The pueblos we attended were old friends and it was painful to not be able to help them more than we did. We gave some people double portions of food out in some of the smaller, more isolated places, but that won’t last them long.

Hopefully, the City of Iquitos will open their warehouses and let us take some of their food that has been bought for this purpose, but don’t know if anyone has taken any to the people yet.   Of the places we have been to, none have been given food or medical attention by anyone else.



The weather the last 3 days has been cool and rainy sometime during the day, of course, and Mike has had a sinus infection for several weeks, which hasn’t cleared up.  He was on his way to take some close up pictures of the houses and while boarding a small speedboat, someone pulled on the boat line and caused it to bump the Chosen Vessel just enough that he lost his balance and was thrown into the river. He has run a high fever ever since and it has worsened his sinus problem. He was more concerned about his camera and cell phone at the time! He covets your prayers.

Pastor Caleb and the Tigers have been a welcomed addition to our team and we couldn’t have done this work without them this week.  They proportioned all the tons of food the first night aboard and were ready for the distribution early the next morning. Caleb preached and they all prayed with the people, lead in worship with them and brightened their lives for the short time they were with us.

There were many salvations right there in the speedboat, where we gathered the people and the service was held, and 6 dramatic healings were reported when pain left with the laying on of hands and prayer, and one man deaf in both ears received his hearing restored! God is great all the time! He is God in the grandest cathedral and God in the jungle and in a crude speedboat! Wherever people are gathered together in His name, He is delighted to join right in with them and show Himself strong in their behalf!!!

At night, when the attentions were done for the day, we showed Spanish DVDs to our crew and the Tigers of our pastor, Jentezen Franklin, preaching in our home church, Free Chapel.  (Is There Not A King in Thee was one of them!)We all were blessed and stretched by his timely sermons and after the final session last night, our dentist, Adrian, gave his life to the Lord! Hallelujah!

Well, the Lord made a visitation to the 11 pueblos of Irlanda, Canada, Atun Cocha, Huanana, Camaleon, Puerto Rico, Puerto Libre, Ramon Castilla, Villa Maria, Paparo and Las Palmas.   We rendered 1027 medical attentions and with some getting double portions of food, we gave 1,135 rations of food, touching 241 hurting families, to God be the glory and honor!



We had enough stuffed animals to give them out in only 2 pueblos and I let the kids choose the one they wanted. I hope people will try to bring some of the small stuffed animals for us to have on hand for such a time as this! Wouldn’t you do everything you could to be sweet to little kids living like this??? (Need smaller than these shown) They awaited their turn to go into the dining room and choose their animalitos with great expectation!

What could feel better than this?

If you’ve ever donated a stuffed animal to Amazon Medical Missions, well, here is where they go.  These don’t have to be new, just clean, and no snakes, scary or demonic looking things, please. We want them to be a blessing and bring joy!


Just before Pastor Caleb and the Tigers left us, we all shared together and had the new members of the team telling what the week meant to them and then the Lord showed up and there was an unbelievable time of worship and blessing, especially over Pastor Caleb. God poured out on him, we believe, a fresh anointing to lead these 100+ young men called the Tigers, whom he is discipling.


  • Miles navigated: 150
  • Pueblos visited: 11
  • Medical and Dental attentions: 1027
  • Families served: 241
  • Food given: 3 ½ tons (1,135 portions)
  • Blankets also given

We are grateful for this opportunity to serve these River People in the name of Jeshua, our Messiah.  Thank you and God bless you, Free Chapel, for our monthly support and thus making this trip possible for us to take medicine to the infirm and for feeding the hungry here in the jungle during their time of crisis!

We also received an offering to be used for food on this trip from New Beginnings Pentecostal Outreach, Jefferson, GA, Wayne and Debbie Norris, pastors. Hungry people ate this week because of these two churches and the sacrifices of their people.  You’re the Best and He saw what you all did………and Jesus never forgets!

Susie Dempsey, Nina Rumi, May 3, 2012