Team 03 Israeli Team 2012

Mike with shofar

To the border ……..for the 3rd and last team of Israelis this year.  February 26-29, 2012

This third team of Israelis were welcomed aboard, settled in and we again headed downriver to the borders of Columbia, Brazil and Peru.  Several of the team members arrived with health issues and one retired Colonel was making arrangements to be helicoptered to Lima to begin the long return trip back to Israel for attention from his personal physicians. Fortunately, we were able to offer comfort and medical attentions with a doctor and 2 RNs aboard, as well as the medication he needed.  He stayed in touch with his Israeli physicians and we were able to follow their specific instructions.

Another Colonel was ill also, but required less treatment. He carried a little Torah with him at all times, and he gave it to me when he left! How precious that was! We became very close to this team and our hearts were knit together over this pain, suffering and prayers in the name of Another Great Jew!  Tears were shed when they left and they will never be forgotten! Abraham brought this team and he, too, was a great team leader. Shalom!

שלום וברכה

Visiting Sta. Rita de Mochila

 Ancient biblical prophecy of coming war with Russia- ‘Gog and Magog’

Group Photo -Singing Hevenu Shalom Aleichem (הבאנו שלום עליכם)