Team 10 Catch The Vision Int.

 It was our pleasure last week to host Catch The Vision Int. along with Pastor Jud Jordan and members of the First Presbyterian Church, Orangeburg, SC. It was a wonderful week with just remarkable work done for the Kingdom in the pueblo of Capironal on the Amazon River and eleven other pueblos round about.

The construction team began work on building a nice church for the people after the recent flooding  took their previous church building.  Meanwhile, the medical team took the first two days to go to all the pueblo making house calls to everyone and treating the sick.

Dr. David Gillespie, Lauren and Rebecca making house calls


Stacey was our photographer

Family photos were taken by Stacey and given to the grateful recipients. Usually, these photos are the only ones they have of their families and are much appreciated.

Bible School Activities

The evangelism team worked with the children in the afternoon doing Bible School activities, which included even the parents and grandparents and was enjoyed by all! ↓

Waiting for Food




Wednesday morning some of the team members took a speedboat and started delivering the first of 4.8 tons of food to five pueblos pueblos around Capironal. A short gospel message was preached and an altar call was given in each place.

Pastor Jud giving the keys to Pastor Reynerio Del Aguila

On Wednesday afternoon we dedicated the church, gave the keys to the pastor and distributed food in Capironal.
On the house visits, we noted that not all, but some had evidently rationed the food we shared with them two weeks ago, because  some of the bags were still in their kitchen. Thankfully, they had not been without.

Church family in Capironal

Church Dedication

Thursday  morning, we first visited the pueblo of Santa Elena. We knew that this was a special pueblo the first time we visited 2 years ago. After showing the pictures cards and telling the shortened story of the bible from Creation to Heaven on that visit, one elderly gentleman stood and said that no one in the pueblo had ever heard that story before and that they really didn’t understand all the implications of what we were saying about the gospel. Then another young man stood and said that while they didn’t understand what they had just heard, they would like to know more. We had done a full medical and dental campaign that and the second time and had also taken them gifts like sandals, machetes and mosquito nets.

Ready to be baptized

On this our third visit, we again told the gospel story and six men and one woman came forward to pray and accept Jesus as Lord and then one of the men and his wife immediately followed the Lord in baptism. This visitation of the Lord saw the beginning of the Body of Christ in this pueblo, but we know that precious seed was sown on the other two visits!
There were a total of nine salvations for the week, but we ministered to unbelievers and the household of faith alike in a total of twelve pueblos. 
I’m sure our enthusiastic team will never be the same, nor will these pueblos. It isn’t every day that a large medical boat arrives in these small places and 21 people disembark full of love and caring, to give medical attentions, medications, gifts, food and build a great church!

All the love in the world!

To date, over 23 tons of food have been distributed since the first of April!

Very contented with their food

Thanks to our home church, Free Chapel, for the monthly support that keeps us on the rivers doing what we do and also thanks to co-founders, Dr. David Gillespie and Rob Miller, for their organization, Catch The Vision Int. for raising the money to build this church and for the food that was given this past week!  Rob did a great job as team leader, as he has on other trips.  Thanks to Pastor Jud and Cathy Jordan for their support of AMM.  This is First Pres’ 17th trip here! To God be the glory! What special, loved friends they are!!!
Trip Stats:                                           
June 24-29, 2012
Miles Navigated: 160
Salvations: 9
Baptisms: 2
Pueblos Visited: 12
Food: 4.8 Tons
Portions Of Food: 1149
Families Ministered To: 266   

For this one He died!

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.”                              Proverbs 11:30 KJV