Team 01 Israeli Team 2012

TEAM 1 January 15-18, 2012    TO THE BORDER………….. We were blessed, indeed, when our maiden voyage under our own steam this past January was with a group of Israeli citizens touring South America. They had lost their host when his boat sank, leaving them in need of another host here in Iquitos. We were contacted at the last minute and agreed to act as host to these lovely people. It was a great experience and we enjoyed them as the unique people they were! We made some good friends with this team! Shoshy and her husband Arie, The Skipper Edna and last, but not least was the team leader, Eitan, just to name a few!

Shalom! שלום וברכה

Eitan serving breakfast






Fellowshipping in the Dining Room


Group Picture








Shoshy, Susie and Skipper Edna


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