...Pastor’s Seminars

In 1999 we obtained land to build a campus to bring in pastors and leaders from the rivers for biblical training and in February, 2000 we had most of the campus built and held our very first seminar for Pastors and Leaders. Pastor Hugh Skelton and his son, Allen, were the speakers for the seminar and all were blessed at that five day event.

Since then we have held seminars for the wives of the pastors and leaders and several mighty women of God have traveled to the Amazonia and poured into their lives and seen the fruit of their labor of love.

Senior Pastor Bill Breon of Wilmington, DE and several of his pastors were invited to come and hold one of these seminars and that marked the beginning of a new phase of his ministry.  Now every January they come to the Amazonia and hold Pastors and Leaders seminars and Pastor Bill has since gone all over the world imparting into the lives of the humble men of God in the developing nations of the world, offering them knowledge of the Word of God, hope and encouragement in the call of Christ on their lives.

What would we do without these dedicated men and women who have seen the need and felt the call to make the sacrifice to make a difference in the lives of not only these pastors and leaders, but also to so many River People who sit under their teachings each week?   Imagine having a call to preach the gospel and not even owning a Bible, much less a study Bible or a concordance….nor had you ever sat under a pastor. People have donated and we have been able to provide all of our pastors and leaders with a study Bible and they are so thrilled with them!  God must wonder why so many need so maddeningly much and others need so maddeningly little! God bless you until you see Him face to face and fully understand the reality of what you were able to accomplish in the Kingdom!