Misson: Fight Hunger!

Feeding the pueblo

In February, 2007, the ministry took on yet another aspect, Misson: Fight Hunger! When we go into a pueblo, besides the medical campaign, we try to take a food bag to the pastor of each pueblo and sometimes we even cook and feed the entire pueblo, especially when we dedicate the building of a new church.

But, this time we did the food bags on a larger scale.  We requested that the teams not bring in the usual gifts, but rather take that money and buy food here for the people.  They graciously gave heed to our request and we transported 3 1/2 tons of food and daily necessities to give to the people of 4 pueblos along the river, far from the only city near us.

Feeding the pueblo closeup

It was a sight to behold when the team members were working together to bag the rice and beans and get all of that food ready to share with the River People. They had registered for medical care, waited for their turn and saw the doctor, spiritual counselors, eye-glass station and all the while, there were the tables laded with more food than they had ever seen in their pueblo at any one time! And they knew it was theirs free of charge!


Waiting to bag food

It certainly was a supreme joy for us to be able to give them the food and it is with many, many thanks to the ones who provided it, the people from the pueblo experienced the joy of receiving it. When I asked the pastor’s wife what her perception was of the Mission: Fight Hunger! Project,she said she was just overwhelmed.  In all of her life she had never witnessed anything like that and to see not just her family, as the pastor’s

Team bagging food-hard work!

receive a food bag, but every one in her pueblo receive this great blessing, She could only compare it with the miracle of Jesus when He fed the 5000! She said that is all she could think of when she saw us carrying in all of the food.  We know it was nothing like that miracle, but from her having no personal experiences from which to draw, she could only equate this with the story in the bible and could only declare it a modern day miracle….and to them, it was!


Ready to give out the food. This table had to be restocked many times!

What a great smile!

And yet, we know that it is NOT natural for people to want to part with their hard earned money, especially for people whom they do not know. It does take a supernatural miracle of sorts for men and women to want to do just that. That is what happens when people see a need and freely open their hearts to make a difference. When the offering bag is passed and you hold it in your hand for that brief second, you are not touching cloth, wood or metal…. you are touching the world!  The medication we are able to give, the vitamins, clean water and now the supplemental food that adds to the daily gathering they are able to do, this food will go a long way to restoring health to those who have been ill, children and the elderly specifically.  So little means so much to so many!

There are also photos of giving our food last year during the time of the record-breaking flooding.  You can go to the blog and see the story and photos there. They are predicting that it may be another flood year as the water is already much higher than it usually is this time of the year.  Please pray!

Taking their food home!

A good load!