...Church Construction

Many pueblos do not have pastors and some have never had one; neither have many of them had churches.  As we came upon men who were drawn to ministry, we asked them to start having people get together either in the school or community buildings and have a church service.  If this flourished, then we asked them to be leaders in their  congregation and eventually become the pastor.

The generosity of churches, or Christians in general, have provided the funding for these churches and many who donate this money also come and bring a team to help build it.  To date we have built 69 churches for congregations to have a place in which to worship the Lord and have worked on many of the homes of the pastors.

The cost of everything has gone up and we can now build a wooden church approximately 20 X 45 ft., raised up on flood pilings with a tin roof for $5000.00. It would cost $6000.00 if we have to pay to have it built.  However, some teams raise money for a church and another team will provide the labor, so it works out well.