Harbor House Infirmary



…and now


Having outgrown the first infirmary at the campus, the new Harbor House Infirmary was built with funding from First Presbyterian Church, Orangeburg, SC, then Pastor Barry Jenkins. This facility was finished and dedicated in April, 2005 with Pastor and Mrs. Jenkins and several members of the Church in attendance. Presently we are obtaining permission for American surgeons to operate in the facility’s two OR suites.

Many patients with hernias can no longer work and provide for their families due to a hernia which would be easily repaired at the infirmary. There are many gynecological patients awaiting surgeries and live with suffering daily.

One of the most noted need is for cataract and pterygium surgery. As there are only four or five surgeons in Iquitos, a city of well over 450,000 people, and given the fact that few people living in the jungle can afford needed surgical intervention, the need for foreign volunteer surgeons is great.

You will never know this side of Heaven what good your donations have accomplished, and will continue to accomplish in the years to come! So many people suffer blindness for the want of a 30 minute surgery to remove cataracts.

One of the jobs prevalent in the jungle is working in lumber.  So many men have suffered  hernias because of the heavy lifting associated with that trade. They suffer needlessly and cannot work and support their families for need of a simple, quick  hernia repair.

“And Jesus answering, said unto them, They that are whole need not a                                                          physician, but they that are sick” Luke 5: 31 KJV