Our 2nd Trip To Deliver Food To Flood Victims

We are leaving our port in a few minutes headed for Iquitos, where we will onload close to 3 1/2 tons of food and Pastor Caleb and 8 Tigers to help us with the work this week, and then head on downriver to the island areas, where the flooding is the greatest.  Since our trip last month, it has rained continuously and water in our pueblo has risen about 3 more feet. Those of you who know our home port, the roofing covering the steps down to our boat is unusable because it is so close to the water. We have set up alternate planks and just a few steps takes you to the top of the hill.  In low water, we navigate about 75-80 steps to get to the top of the hill. Who knows how this much rain has affected those of the flood zone?

The people here in our pueblo are in hardship because the main road into our pueblo is under water and has been for several weeks. Everyone has to pay to have canoes or pecque-pecques take them to the next pueblo on downriver where they then catch a motorcar on to town and that is an added expense in getting to work or to Iquitos. On the bright side, at least, their homes here are not flooded yet. Who knows the true hardships of these people of the flood zone?? My sister wrote me, Besides the obvious hardships, can you imagine those poor kids with nothing to do, no school, nothing to play with, can’t go outside, just watching the rain fall and the water rise…for several months now?

We will send you a trip report when we return and we ask for your prayers for this voyage.  If we hit an internet hotspot, we will try to write a note and give you position coordinates of where we are so those of you who want to can look us up on Google Earth Maps.

Every blessing to you all.

In His grip,

Mike and Susie


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